Friday, May 3, 2013

From Space to a Museum in Los Angels

This year, the space shuttle Endeavour, flew over the buildings of San Francisco. The space shuttle was interesting to see. We all went to the park to see the space shuttle fly around for the last time, though it wasn't really flying.

The space shuttle "piggybacked" on a 747. How did the 747 not crash?  The airplane the space shuttle was on was completely empty.  There were no seats because the airplane would have crashed if there were.  The seats not being there took a lot of weight off of the airplane. We went to the park and we first played some relay races and other fun games. Then we saw the space shuttle.  The space shuttle flew around twice in all.

When it first flew around it was really low, around the height of Sutro Tower.  When the students saw it, they ran down the hill to get a better view.  It was such a cool thing to see because not are able to be in the presence of something that went somewhere miles away from home. After it flew around a second time, it flew to L.A. to stop at a museum, where it currently resides.

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