Friday, April 19, 2013

Fridays at Hillwood

A day at Hillwood isn't as interesting as Fridays are! Fridays are the most fun days at Hillwood (partially because there isn't much work to do!). Fridays start out with computer class with parent volunteer Laura Moorhead in the upper grades. Then, comes art. After that is lunch, then park (Anna Seven takes the upper-graders to the park), then study hall (with Ms. Samantha Caine), spelling test, and then history. That's Friday at Hillwood in the upper-grades! The first Friday of the month is free dress! That's when you can wear your own clothing! Woohoo! Happy Campers!

Fridays end with a movie for everyone! Movies vary every week. At some times, they are Pixar movies, and other times they are Disney movies. Sometimes they are even Lionsgate movies! Needless to say, Fridays are the most fun days in the week! 

Written by: Rubina Mazurka    

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