Friday, April 12, 2013

A Day at Hillwood

Starting at 7:45, students start coming into school.  The later into the morning it gets, the more students arrive.  Before school, students finish their schoolwork, play on the computers, or just talk to their friends.  It's 9:00!  Hillwood students rush into their classrooms.  School has started and the children are ready to learn.

Most students start their day with the pledge.  Then, they do math.  As the day goes on, students do different subjects, including reading/writing, history, and science.  On Tuesdays, K-1 has Spanish, on Wednesdays, 5-8, and Thursdays, 2-4.  Also on Wednesdays, all of the grades have music.

At 11:30, lunch starts.  Mrs. Marta prepares hot lunches for the students to eat.  After lunch, it's recess.  The 5-8 graders go to the park for our equivalent of PE.  We play kickball, tennis, basketball, and dodgeball.

Starting at 3:00, students start leaving, but some stay as late as 6:00.  Ms. Caine watches the students after school.  At 5:00, Ms. Caine serves snack.  Students work on homework, read, and play outside after school.  After our fun day at Hillwood, we go home.

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