Friday, March 22, 2013


         When we went to Williamsburg we saw a lot of things. I thought that there would be more action going on.

  • Did you expect it to be so big or small?

  • Was the tour enjoyable?

        I expected it to be big and it was. The houses were old fashion. If you came to Washington for a trip and you are from San Francisco there would be a big difference on the houses or homes. In Williamsburg, people who represent different times in history live there; important settlers or slaves in the past.

       The tour was enjoyable. Our tour guide was not afraid to speak. She was very open with what happened in the past. I really enjoyed the jail cell where our tour guide showed us were the prisoners would do and what they would be. I also enjoyed to see the House Of Burgesses. What was interesting to me was The Floor. The Floor was where they debated on the new laws.

       If you were found guilty of a serious crime and you were convicted of being guilty, you had to choose to either get your hand burnt or you get hung. If you committed a crime after you got your hand burnt then you would then be hung.


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