Friday, February 1, 2013

Watch out Baltimore, here we come!

This Sunday you will hear a lot of screaming. It's the Super Bowl for the 49ers! On February 3, 2013, get your 49ers jersey's on! The San Francisco 49ers will be playing against the Baltimore Ravens. Who will reach victory?!? Hopefully the San Francisco team will win rbut we never know... let's give all the 49ers our luck!!! If the 49ers lose, at least we know they tried their hardest. If the 49ers win, congratulate them for all their hard work!!! Stay tune for February Super Bowl. It's going to be nerve-racking.

      There might be a parade but people don't want to announce if their would be a parade because they don't want to jinx the 49ers!

By: Asiana D. and Natasha K.


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