Friday, February 22, 2013

Pierre the 30 Year Old Penguin

Pierre is a thirty year old penguin who lives at the California Academy of Science.  He was born February 16, 1983 at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore.  He was donated to an aquarium called Steinhart Aquarium in June of that same year and has been at the Academy ever since.

Pierre as lived in three different exhibits in three different buildings during the time at the Academy.  He has had numerous people come and take care of his every day needs.  Over the past thirty years, Pierre has had 16 chicks.  The furthest all of his chicks have gone is, Ohio, Idaho, and probably the furthest, Japan.  He has 26 grand children and 4 great-grand children.  He is also recommended to not have anymore chicks.

Pierre is one of the lucky penguins because normally other penguins have a shorter live span.  He is also the first penguin to ever wear a wetsuit to help him through a difficult molt.  A children's book called, " Pierre the Penguin" written by Jean Marzollo and illustrated by, Laura Regan.

Every day biologists hides Pierre's allergy medication in Pierre's every day meal, fish.  Like some people, Pierre had cataracts and got surgery on hi eyes so that he an see a lot better.

Everybody is very excited to see what will happen in the future with Pierre.  The next time you go to the Academy, you can look for Pierre.  Just so you know what he looks like, he has a blue band on his right wing.  You can also see Pierre's Wikipedia page at

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