Friday, February 1, 2013

Oblivious to the Gorilla

Take a second to look at this picture
Do you see the gorilla?

If it took you a minute, don't worry. Most radiologist didn't find it either! Radiologist are trained to read and understand CT scans, and while they could tell this was a cancer molecule, they didn't notice the gorilla.
   It's a clear example of the difference between looking and seeing. It can be right before your very eyes but unless your focusing on it, your basically blind to it. Have you ever tripped on something right infront of you because you were looking, but not really focusing.
   There are many tests on this subject. People started to wonder just how far they could push it. They asked some expert radiologist to look at a chest X-ray. This was no ordinary X-ray though. They hoaxed the picture to have a missing collar bone, which about 60% didn't notice. How far could you push people into not seeing what people call "the invisible gorilla"?
-Kennedy S.

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