Friday, February 22, 2013

Marine Mammal Center Saving Lives of Helpless Animals

Fortissima, elephant seal, es, marine mammal center
Fortissima, an elephant seal pup

The Marine Mammal Center in the Marin Headlands rescues hurt animals, and brings them back to their rehabilitation center. The Marine Mammal Center rescues marine animals with injuries from gunshots, animals that are ill, and orphaned animals.  They also use science to increase knowledge of marine animals, and they teach children about marine animals.  Since 1975, when their facility was founded, they have rescued over 17,500 marine mammals.

The Marine Mammal center has over 1,000 volunteers in a 600 mile radius.  Many of the animals found were injured from malnutrition, entanglements, separation from their mothers, and diseases, but 10% of the animals rescued were harmed by humans or human-created objects, including fishing nets, gunshots, illegal pick-ups, and getting hit from boats.

The ocean covers over 70% of Earth's surface, making it Earth's primary life source.  The ocean is vital to Earth's survival, and marine animals are vital to the ocean's survival;  therefore, we need marine animals to survive.  Pollution in the ocean is not only killing animals, but also killing humans.

   A patient at the Marine Mammal Center is taking a bath.

Source; The Marine Mammal Website

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