Friday, February 22, 2013

A Meteor Shower or A Glass Shower?

A meteor strikes in Siberia. Last Friday, the 15th of February, a meteor passed the Earth's atmosphere and flew half-passed Russia and landed in Siberia, somewhere in the mountains. The meteor passed a city called Chelyabinsk. Many people are confused why the meteor passed this city. When the meteor landed and made the grounds shake, like an earthquake, the vibrations made the nearby house's windows explode. About 1200 people, 200 were children, were injured, mostly because of the glass shards. About 5% of the meteor came to Earth and into Russia. Where the rest of the meteor is unknown to our research.

Siberia is slightly off the map, but  
the cities that are near Chelyabinsk and Siberia like Satka or Kurgan, were close enough to get hid by the blow of the meteor.

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