Friday, January 4, 2013

Fish Eat Fish World

Human eat human. That rarely happens in populated areas. Fish eat Fish. Thats a saying and its no wonder. Most fish eat other fish. Sharks are fish, and Most of well known shark populations eat other fish or marine mammals but have you ever seen a shark eat another shark? Turns out its not too uncommon. Great Whites eat their pubs occasionally. What's apparently buzzing around is the wobbengong shark eating other shark. Its not a new discovery but it has recently been captured on camera. Hands up wobbengong!

 The wobbengong shark apparently isn't the only one with a feast for friends. Apparently this predator is also prey! The carpet shot is the killer of the killer!

This is just another day in the reef. Its a fish eat fish world as they say. I guess the sharks are demonstrating for us!

-Kennedy S.

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