Friday, May 18, 2012

Academy of Science Field Trip

In the beginning of this year our class ( 5-7 grade ) went to the Academy of Science. The Academy of Science has three floors a planetarium, aquarium, and a tropical rainforest. Asiana, Clair, and Christen all liked the planetarium because it looked very realistic. Kennedy liked the aquarium because she wants to be a marine biologist. Angela and Andre liked the rainforest dome, Angela liked the the tropical birds and butterflies and Andre liked Claud the albino alligator. The Academy of Science took ten years to build and opened in 2008. The Academy  of Science cost $500 million to build.

The Krazy

I made a new blog called, The Crazy Cats. So far there are two posts and one post that has all pictures of cats. The one post is the one and only post of a sweet and playful dog, Max! In that post, I talk about what his favorite toys are now an what his favorite toys were when he was new to the school, and, when he was a puppy. there are a few other things that I wrote about on him. Another post that was also, my first post as well, is called Compeletly Random Facts on Cats. it basically has plain facts on cats. The last post that I put on there just has funny pictures and cute pictures of cats. The website is called!

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Dumbledore Video

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           Unlike other schools, classes in Hillwood school eat in their classes. Miss Marta, the cook, passes out meals to kindergarten-4th grade in the middle classroom. Mrs. Westmoorland calls on the quietest students to come up to get food first.
            Upstairs, Mrs. Woods passes out food to the students, girls first of course. In the past, soup was served twice a week which no longer happens.
     Miss Marta is the wonderful cook at Hillwood Academic Day School. She has worked here for 8 years.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Ms. Caine

Ms. Samantha Caine is the head of after school activities. She also is in charge of the walk-a-thon. She works with the middle through upper grader with current science. Her son is a graduate of Hillwood and is a junior in Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep. She created all of the fundraisers that the school has. She comes to classes in study hall to give teachers a break. She greets the parents when they come to get their children.She helps prepare for all of the talent shows.

Anna Seven The Art Teacher

"Dame in a Hat"
      Anna Seven is the art teacher at Hillwood. She is a parent volunteer. Every Friday, she comes and does art with all of the classes.

"Dame in a hat" is an acrylic painting on canvas. To see more artwork, go to

Mostly she does art projects and sometimes we have to write a report on some artist.

Me: Do you enjoy working with the children?


Me: What style of art do children enjoy the most?


Me: What artists do the children enjoy the most?

Anna: What kind of art medium do children like to use the most?

Me: Do the younger children like to draw more than the older teacher or is it the other way around?


You can also follow Anna on  Anna Seven is her name.

Written By: Rubina H.

Let's have fun at the Overnight!

Every year the 4th graders to 7th graders have a sleep over at the cabin the Grantz's own in Muir Woods, across the Golden Gate Bridge, in Marin. All the girls go separately from the boys just in case we catch "Cooties." The girls go on Saturday and get dropped off by Mr. Grantz and the boys go on Friday and have to get driven by their parents. The boys and the girls are asked to bring a certain food or drink for the sleepover. And your supposed to bring your your own sleeping bag, pillow, pajamas and clothes for the next day. We usually play, hang out with friends, make smores, and watch movies such as Pirates of The Caribbean and Ponyo in Japanese. In the  morning for breakfast,  we have breakfast food such as eggs, pancakes, cinnamon buns, pancakes and more! On Saturday the boys leave at 11:30. When it is time for the boys to leave and its the girls turn, on Saturday, the boys pack all of their bags and wait for the person who is picking us up to come. Then the boys leave and the girls come for the next cabin sleepover! Rubina, a 7th grader, who has been to the cabin sleepover twice, says she likes to go into the forest, and her favorite food at the cabin is egg salad!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Interview With Mrs. Westmoreland

        Mrs. Sybil Westmoreland is the kindergarten through frist grade teacher. Jordyn B. and I interviewed her. The interview proceeds below:

Me: What do you like most about this class?

Mrs. Westmoreland: I like that I have helpful students. They want to help each other, learn and they love to read to each other. They care about each other. 

Me: How do you keep your class studious?

Mrs. W: I try to not give them too much work at once and give them breaks and fun things to do.

Me: What kinds of books do you read with the class?

Mrs. W: I typically read books that have to do with what we are studying but this class is really into chapter books. So, we've read tons of Junnie B. Jones books.

Me: How do you keep your students from forgetting what they just learned?

Mrs. W: We do a lot of review work so once we've covered a topic, we review it often. Important concepts like addition and subtraction, we practice daily. 

Me: Do you do second grade work with the first grader?

Mrs. W: Sometimes. If the first grade students mastered the concepts of first grade, we'll go ahead and I'll introduce second grade material. 

The students in the room were truly very studious and obviously loved Mrs. Westmoreland.

Written By: Rubina H.