Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Hatchet Book Review

Over Christmas break, I was assigned to read The Hatchet by Gary Paulson. I was also required to write a review of the book without giving away the end. (I was also required to fill out a packet, but that doesn't matter). I decided to post it on The Herald because no new posts have been made lately.

The Hatchet was about a boy named Brian Robeson who was on his way to his father's after his parents get divorced. Seated in the copilot's seat, Brian noticed that the pilot was not feeling well. He was acting strange and rubbing his right arm. Heart attack. Poor Brian. Imagine being on a plane with no one except for the pilot and the man has a heart attack and dies. Brian was in this exact situation. No way out? That's what you think. Brian planted the jet into some lake and found himself in the Canadian forest. What is he to do now?

As the book continues, Brian uses his brains and knowledge which he had gained from watching wilderness survival shows. He learns how to make fire. He finds food. He also believes that rescuers will come in two days. Instead, he spends weeks all alone with the constant thought of his mother with her blond lover. Brian cannot help always remembering the Secret and how she had caused the divorce.

What is Brian to do now? It's all up to him!

Gary Paulson, author of The Hatchet
I thought that the book was a bit tedious to read. Too much description and unnecessary mood setters. The constant flashbacks get old and don't vary. I would give this book two stars maximum.

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Written by: Rubina Mazurka

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