Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Gibraltar of the West Coast

 "The Gibraltar of the West Coast", also known as Fort Point. Built during the blossom of the Gold Rush, Fort Point was built in order to protect the San Francisco Bay from sea attack. Although the building is very tremendous, it never saw any attacker or fought any battle.

Have you ever been to Fort Point. It's a free entrance and you can leave a tip! You can stroll through the general's quarters and through the soldier's bedrooms. Written on a plaque you can find information about each room. It's super fun!

During the late 1900s, Fort Point was supposed to be torn down because it blocked the process of building the Golden Gate Bridge. Fortunately, Chief Engineer Joseph Strauss recognized the architectural genius in the building and came up with a change. They were now to build an arch over Fort Point so that not to break the bridge or fort down.

Come with family and friends! The only bad part is that it could rain...but I think we're used to it!

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Written by: Rubina

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