Friday, November 30, 2012

iMovie in Progress

Today, I experimented with iMovie, a movie editor. The class is planning to create a music video by changing the words in "Call Me Maybe". We already created the words, written by Anya, Natasha and me but we have not made the video yet. Claire, Mia, and Oliver sang in front of the camera on the computer and I downloaded the video, after a long progress, onto iMovie. It was fun to add a beginning photo with the title.It was also fun to figure out what all the buttons in the application do. After a while, I finally found out how to add words to a video (just drag a theme and place it on top of a video). I also found out what the small button to the center right that looks like a small globe (it shows a globe and you can pick a location a line can go from, like from Hawaii to New Zealand.

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