Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Randomness Assumption

Portrait of a Man

Anyone ever heard of artist Anna Seven. Anna Seven is an American artist living and working in San Francisco. From a very young age, Anna Seven has been exposed to a huge variety of artwork in her house and in galleries. Anna has always enjoyed art and music. Music is an art, and art is music. Anna's works are in many private collections in Argentina, Armenia, Canada, France, Germany, Great Brittian, Israel, and USA.

Anna Seven started getting interested in art seriously in third grade. At age 18, Anna left her home country and learned how to use pen and ink professionally. She also worked a lot with watercolors, oil paints, and colored pencils. Anna Seven then graduated from YSU in 1995 with an MS in Electrodynamics and Theory of Electromagnetic Field. Anna paints in many styles with oil and acrylics on canvas. Her most important style would be best described as Aggressive Idiocy in Figurative Expressionism. 

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  1. Nice post, Rubina, and great initiative! Also, the artwork you included as your image is fabulous.