Friday, October 5, 2012

Our Washington D.C Trip

      This March, the classes of 6th-8th graders will be going to Washington D.C. We will be going for six days and will be visiting Create-a-Government Workshop, Three Faces of Democracy Study Visit, Jefferson Memorial, MLK Memorial, Lunch and Museum Study Visit, Arlington National Cemetery, White House Photo-Op, Mock Congress Workshop, Explore the Capitol Hill Visitor Center & Museum, Visit the Supreme Court & Library of Congress, Lincoln Memorial Study Visit, Korean, Vietnam & Monument Tour, Ordinary Citizens i History Workshop & Citizenship Send-Off Activity, National Archives Study Visit, AND Lunch and Smithsonian Museum Exploration. In Gettysburg we will be visiting Gettysburg Cyclorama, Lunch & Gettysburg Museum of the Civil War Study Visit, Walk Lincoln's Gettysburg Address Site, and Battlefield Tour.
      The cost will be $2,000 per child and around $2,300 for an adult.
      To raise money we are selling See's candy.

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