Friday, October 12, 2012

Nobel-prize winner proves his teacher wrong

A "disastrous half" in school doesn't necessarily mean a disastrous life. John Gurdon proved his teachers wrong at Eton College. His 1949 report card   called his "idea for becoming a scientist" as "quite ridiculous." But today he is a Nobel-prize winner.

According to his report card, Gurdon was said to fail in all his grades. His report card shows that he was at the bottom of his class. But Gurdon went on to study Zoology at Cambridge and won the 2012 Nobel Prize for Medicine this week. He shared the prize with a Japanese scientist Shinya Yamanaka.

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  1. Nice post, Oliver. I like how you highlighted the big idea — a "disastrous half" doesn't mean a disastrous life. What did John Gurdon do to prove his teacher wrong?