Friday, June 8, 2012

worlds oceans day

    I am one for saving oceans, but even i can't put into words how importent our ocean is. The air we breath in isn't just from trees or leaves, its from the ocean too. The water that rains down from the clouds and creates lush rainforest come from the ocean. A lot of the fresh water in lakes actually comes from the ocean believe it or not. Some people don't realize how important the ocean is. We came after the ocean, and now were destroying what we evolved from. When we pullet the ocean were not just killing millions of species habitats along with the species themselves, were ask killing our selves. Say the oceans were polluted. if that happens we will die because of polluted rains pouring into the freshwater rivers pullting our water too, and killing everything in the rivers. No matter how you put it, we NEED the ocean, and the ocean needs us; it needs us to save it. If your not convinced, then listen to this video made by national geographic. to see this video go here.

Don't let our ocean die, because if it goes down, we go down with it
 -Kennedy S.


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