Friday, June 8, 2012

The Hiller Aviation Museum

On Thursday the upper grade class went to a museum called the Hiller Aviation Museum. When we got there we had a little quiz and i don't want to brag but i said an answer out loud really fast when I thought I would get in trouble. But thankfully I didn't. After the quiz we had a quick little tour that may sound short but after the tour my legs started to hurt. But the good thing is that we learned a lot from it. After lunch we had lunch we went down stairs and used the flight simulators they had. It was also really fun, even without one of my friends with me. When we got back to the school we played outside for a little while and after that we left school and went to the park and had field day that is a whole other story. The whole point is that it was a really fun day with no homework and we had ice cream at the end of the day. When i got home I got to play on my dads flight simulator.

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