Friday, June 8, 2012

Field Day

Field Day is Hillwood's "Hunger Games." No, I'm kidding! They just yell "Let the games begin!" Games are " Tug of Friends",  " Water balloon toss", "Potato sack", "Three legged race", and " Wheel barrel race." Then, we all ate Ben and Jerry's ice cream. I had strawberry flavored. I lost tug of friends to Christen. I swear the sun got in my eye and I slipped on the tape. Potato sack was very hard for me and I kept falling over, except when I did it backwards thankfully. On the backwards one I assume I was more careful. The three-legged race was scary and so was wheel barrel race. This is the first annual field day. Go to the next

                                                                  Written and Edited by: Andre J.

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