Friday, April 20, 2012

Mr. G

 Mr. G. our 5th through 7th grade substitute teacher grew up is San Francisco but always wanted to live in     Tuscany, Italy, for he wants to import wine, and Tuscany full of it. In school his favorite subject was
Greek and Roman history. His favorite place in S.F. is fishermens warf, because,   "their is a lot of walking." His favorite lunch at hillwood are ham and cheese. He describes himself as a nerd because he likes playing educational games online. He went to college at UC Santa Barbra, in Itally. He's smart too! He has a girlfriend named Silvia who lives in Italy. His favorite book is Game of Thrones and his favorite movie is Gladiator.
He loves to play sports, and his favorite sport is kickball. He loves watching sunsets and his favorite color is blue. He believes that technology is taking over the world and one should go outside more. He doesn't have the skill but would love to design computer programs. He knows how to speak Italian and used to know how to speak spanish.
Mr G. is kind and everyone likes him.