Friday, February 10, 2012

Selling and Giving to Help the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

This week we had snack sale we call it. A few years back we called it a bake sale where we baked something by choice. And this year we had a snack sale were we could bring and buy snacks.

All the money that we raised went the Leukemia and  Lymphoma Society. We also had Pennies for Patients where we put money in a box...whatever amount we want or can manage to collect from family and friends. Ms. Caine handed us small boxes of our own where we bring the box home and fill it up with coins and bring it in and put it in the big box in our class. All the classes have a big box.

The class who raises the most money wins. The class that wins gets free dress and gets a ribbon that says gold champion. In second place we get a silver ribbon, and third bronze. Last year we raised $1424.35 and our goal is to raise even more this year!

By Asiana D.

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