Friday, February 17, 2012

A Skunk's Life

Skunks may scare you away because of their smell, but they are also very cute if you think about it.

Skunks only spray you if you scare them which is a preatty good idea. To give a warning that they are going to spray you is that they will raise their tail, stomp their feet, and charge at the preditor. Even their black stripes keep their preditors away leaving the skunks free to look for food.

A delicious treat for them are eggs. Skunks also eat berries, grass, and nuts as well, even crustatians and, fish. Skunks also eat rodents. Skunks are nocturnal, but they are always on pest control and always eating. Skunks learn to live with people but we don't learn to live with them. Skunks can be found in cities, farms, and open forests. A skunk that is left alone is no problem to anyone. Suprisingly skunks like to dig and eat snakes.

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