Friday, February 24, 2012

A choice on our Rube Goldberg

Hello all you Rube Goldberg fans! You know, that cool machine which does easy tasks in the most hard way possible. We have finally decided what are machine idea is going to be. Sadly, you people NEVER leave a comment telling us things. For example, you could of guessed what the machine was going to do. Anyway, getting off that depressing note, the machine is going to pop a balloon! *tweet, tweet* Well it may not sound exciting, but remember all those videos you saw? Well, hopefully this we'll be just as well.                    
The picture is drawn by Nikita, and this report is written by me, (Andre). This machine might be improved, so please leave a comment telling us how we could improve it. If you don't like the idea or how this machine is going to be built, please tell us how we could take away a part and replace a certain part with, or add to the machine. Be honest! (children never lie, right?)   Well, sadly this article comes an...............END! :(

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