Friday, January 27, 2012

Take a Tour of the White House

Today , I am going to write about a website where you can take a tour of the White House. Once you get to the website there is a diagram of the White House and there are red squares at parts of the house which you can click. Once you clicked the red square, there is a big square that pops up and there is a recent picture of the place. Under the picture there are words that tell you who or what are in the picture. To the side of the picture is the name of the area and some information about it. Near the top of the page is a smaller diagram of the white house that shows different sections of the White House. You can click on one of the sections to go there.

There are also pictures and videos you can look or watch. You can also look up something about the White House you want to know and there is a list of information about the White House or what is in it.

I would recommend to go to "The Administration" because it gives you a brief summary of some people in the White House such as Michelle Obama. It tells you a bit of what they did before being in the White House.

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