Friday, January 6, 2012

Scholastic Beta

Today I played around on the scholastic website. I played the games: M.A.S.H, which "predicted your future," Dress The Girls, which allowed you to dress up a girl in clothes of your choice, and Dodge-A-Rama, which allowed you to throw dodge balls at a target.

The website is a Beta, which means they want feedback because the games are still in progress. M.A.S.H was a fun game in which you fill in bubbles around a circle with options like: what college will you go to, what job you will have, and what type of car you will have. I think Dress the Girls could be better with more clothing choices and they should make the girls bald so you can change their hairstyles. Dodge-A-Rama is fun if you enjoy dodge ball or hitting people with flying objects, and though it is not my favorite game, I think it is pretty well made.

The picture in the middle is a picture of Dodge-A-Rama

The picture to the left is a picture of Dress the Girls

The picture to the right is a picture is a picture of M.A.S.H

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