Friday, December 2, 2011

Deal Ends Crab Fight, Boats Race Out to Sea

In Half Moon Bay, fishermen have raced out to sea.  They did that to get crab.For each pound of crab it will cost $2.25.  "We'll have crab on the market by Wednesday or Thursday," said Larry Collins.  The agreement came out after waiting two weeks for crab.

Half Moon Bay and Bodega Bay wanted $2.50 per pound.  Processers only wanted $2.00 per pound.  Since last year it was a 25 cent increase.  Crab hasn't been cheaper in thirty years. People couldn't have crab this year for thanksgiving.

150 to 180 boats left to go search for crab. Crab has gone up by a lot since the past 20 years.  Nineteen million pounds was hauled in last year. This year 3 million pounds were hauled in.Thats the most that has been caught since 1915.

If fishermen hauled in 19 million more pounds they would have to pay $4.75 million this year.  The season generally ends when there are so few of those crabs that they can't find them and fish for them.  Earlier this year sen. Moreen Evans will make for fishing for crab. That law will come out in1213.

By Claire P.

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