Friday, December 9, 2011

Cagebreak Rats Will Work To Free A Pal

People usually call someone a "rat" when they are not helpful and are giving up on somebody. But according to studies, rats will try to help out a friend in need, not just to have a playmate.

Now, I'm pretty sure I'm not as nice as a rat, but the studies say that rats will help out ONLY their buddies, like a NORMAL human. When they try to free their buddy they will open a trap door that will free their buddy on accident. Soon, they will purposely open the trap door.

In one experiment, Jeffery Mogli of McGill University in Canada made two trap doors, one with the rats' favorite food (chocolate chips), and in the other the stuck buddy in need. They free both in no exact order, and then SHARE the chocolate chips with the buddy they just freed! So that proves that the example of "rats" at the top is partly wrong unless the rat is not your buddy.

That's why they say rats are in a way like humans; they will help a FRIEND in need, but not some random dude, ( or rat! ). So if your family member or friend says "You're a rat!" They're wrong!

By Andre J.

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