Friday, November 4, 2011

Don Giovanni at the San Francisco opera!!!

The San Francisco opera is presenting Mozart's magical opera Don Giovanni. Don Giovanni, the story, is a legend that nobody knows if it is true and if it is not. Like all legends, the story underwent many minor changes through the ages of the story being told.

On the picture:

Lucas Meachem as Don Giovanni and Serena Farnocchia as Donna Elvira.

Kate Lindsey was Zerlina. Ryan Kuster was Mazetto. Ellie Dehn was Donna Anna. Shawn Mathew was Don Ottavio and Marco Vinco was Leporello.

Topi Lehtipuu was supposed to sing Don Ottavio but he was not able to so Shawn Mathew sang for him.

Around 1930, a Spanish writer wrote a play called " El Burlador de Sevilla Convidadro de Piedra". If you do not speak Spanish, you have no idea what that says. Frankly, I didn't know what that meant until I saw the translation. "The Trickster of Seville and the Stone Guest".

Don Giovanni was a trickster. I won't ruin the story but I will tell you the end. At the beginning, Don Giovanni murders the father of one of his victims. At the end of the opera, Don Giovanni and his servant Leporello go to the grave and statue of the father. Don Giovanni invites the statue to dinner and the statue agrees. At dinner, the statue comes and takes Don Giovanni to his doom for all of his sins.

Anyway, the San Francisco opera is presenting Mozart's opera of Don Giovanni. It is great!

Written By: Rubina H.

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