Thursday, June 30, 2011

Read Along with Charles Darwin

Much of Charles Darwin's work and writing, from personal letters to manuscripts, have been online for some time. In fact, some 35,000 documents can be found at The Complete Work of Charles Darwin website, which is hosted by the University of Singapore and partially sponsored by the British Society for the History of Science.

Now,  The Biodiversity Heritage Library has scanned 300 document from the scientists collection of 1,480 books in his personal library. Now we can see what kind of a note-taker Darwin, an English naturalist who lived during the1800s, was. Many of the books have Darwin’s comments scribbled in the margins. You can also go to Wired News to see a photo gallery of some of the scanned images.

Sources:  The Biodiversity Heritage LibraryThe Complete Work of Charles Darwin, British Society for the History of Science, Wired News.

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