Friday, May 27, 2011

Preview the Hillwood Yearbook

Take a look at the first forty pages of the Hillwood yearbook at, where we are getting the book printed on demand for $26.95 per book (not including shipping). You can still order a book directly from Blurb. You can even order last year's book here.

Every student is pictured in the yearbook at least twice, and the book was written and produced by the upper graders. Anya Jensen designed the cover artwork, and the photographs were taken by the upper-graders, the Grantzes, and Mr. Clarke.

If you ordered your book with the school, you should receive your copy on the last day of school. Once the books are passed out, everyone can sign each other's book as a token remembrance of our time together at Hillwood. Just imagine reading your yearbook in 25 years!

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