Friday, April 1, 2011

Mapping America

Today at The Hillwood Herald we visited Mapping America: Every City, Every block. That's where we enter an address and then the site shows us that street, city, state, etc. The site also shows us the population of the area, and it reveals rivers, lakes and other forms of water. You can even type in a word like feather or glasses and the site would show you a place called feather lane or street.

I had looked up "kitty" and a city called Kitty showed up! I enjoyed searching the city because cats are my favorite animals. This website is educational as well because you can learn the populations of many different areas and the ethnicities of them.

The census helps us because we will be able to know what our population is and how many seats will have to be provided at the Congress by each state. That, in turn, affects things like funding for education and social services -- elements of our life in San Francisco!

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