Friday, April 1, 2011

Mapping America Through the US Census

The census from 2010 had been recorded and put into a multimedia package by The New York Times. If you go onto the website, you can type in your address, city, zipcode, or you can type in someone else's. Say you type in your zipcode, when it finds your zipcode, it shows different colored dots that indicate what different ethnicities live in your area. You can also fnd a different map, and it would show how may people went to a certain school, like universities, private schools, or elementries.

What I found interesting is that in my neighborhood, there are more different ethnicities than simply a white population. I compared my neighborhood and street with Quileuete Street in La Push, in Forks, Washington. There was a HUGE difference between the two streets, for instance. In La Push, there is a population of 1,639 people, according to the 2010 US census. The Quileuete tribe is a Native American tribe that originates in the western Washington state. Which is why there are a 21% of an "other" ethnicity.

Even though this article comes from The New York Times, the source of the article is from the US census. What is also very cool to look at is an article called "America By The Numbers," where it lists a bunch of things like, how many pounds of meat the Untied States ate in 2010, or how many marriages occurred, how much veggies we ate (which is low, eat your veggies!!), and how many men or women didn't rest well in a certain amount of days.

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