Friday, May 20, 2011

Are catapult "Medusa" is awesome :)

Jennifer, Kayla, and I, Rubina, are doing a big version of a pop-fly. Our pop-fly is called "Medusa". First all, let me name you our materials.

  • 2Boxes
  • 2 Bungee Cords
  • Wheels
  • Paint
  • Wood

The pop-fly is going to be 10ft by 15ft. Our pop-fly will be painted in many colors. We are going to green, greenish lime, greenish turquoise, and just lime. On our support board, which is going to be made out of complete wood, we are going to paint a portrait of Medusa herself. On the sides of the board that the boxes are going to be on, we will paint slimy snakes slithering up the board. The boxes that are going to hold the ping-pong ball, that we are going to catapult, will be mini pictures of petrified soldiers that attempted to kill her. The petrified soldiers will be facing each other. We are going to draw all of this in order to make the pop-fly scarier and more fierce to viewers. After all, it is called "Medusa"!

Written by Rubina H. Kayla T. and Jennifer L.

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