Friday, March 11, 2011

"Mars Needs Moms"

Today, Friday 11th, the adventure film "Mars Needs Moms" came out. "Mars Needs Moms" is about a 9-year-old boy named Milo, played by Seth Green, whose mother, Joan Cusack, is suddenly abducted by Martians who want to take her motherly instincts to raise their own children.

In the making of the movie, the actors wore red dots on their faces and special suits. These things were needed to make the sharpness and the definition of the image. The crew spent three days fitting the actors with costumes, creating head cameras that captured and recorded their faces, figuring out where to place the performance-capture dots and having the actors perform a multitude of expressions as extremely as they could. If the directors, Robert Zemeckis and Simon Wells, had not done this, the image would have had a kind of mushiness, that would not capture how the facial muscles really do work.

To read more about "Mars Needs Moms," go to the New York Times.

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