Friday, March 11, 2011

Create a Planet With NASA

Today Zeke and I went to Planet Quest, where we created a new planet for the extreme planet makeover and made one that looked a bit like Earth. We had a lot of fun and created a bunch of planets.

This is a picture of our planet. It is almost the same as Earth, but it's farther away from the sun and, thus, colder.

Meanwhile the scale that changes the age does nothing. The only thing that gets affected by the meters are the age meter, which makes the surface of the planet baked more. The distance from the sun makes the planet colder or warmer, and it affects the planet size, and the type of star that is near it. In a redesign, we would add more variables to the site to make it more interesting and informative. Still, it's fun and interesting to read the captions, which tells you a bit about your planet and the potential for life in outer space.

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