Friday, March 11, 2011

5th Through 6th Grade Limerick Contest! Pick your Fave!

The 5th and 6th grade class is having a limerick contest in honor of St. Patrick's Day!

Each student has written three or more limericks and the staff of Hillwood School is going to judge them. The author of the limerick that's selected as best receives a treat from See's Candies.

Two of my favorites are:

Limerick 1: There once was a man with the flu
So he had to drink Mountain Dew
He didn't feel well
And he had a bad smell
'Til he threw up his Dew in the loo!

Limerick 2: My daddy once robbed a caboose
He is gonna be hung by a noose
I am sad he will die
You must know I just lied!
I hope they won't make his noose loose

And two of my, Alysen's, favorites are:

Limerick 3: There once was a man from Kentucky
Who was really not that lucky.
One day, he just died;
No, I really just lied,
But for dinner, he ate his pet ducky.

Limerick 4: There once was a wizard named Bobby
Who lived in a large hotel lobby.
He played with his dragon
Which ate a large wagon,
And then his large dragon ate Bobby.

We will not write the authors of these limericks because we don't know who they are. But vote on The Herald's page (upper right-hand corner survey). We'll also report on the actual winner soon.

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