Friday, February 18, 2011

From Rubber Band Car Challenge to Dance Pad Mania -- Here's How

Today Alysen and I made a Dance Pad Mania from the Design Squad Challenges. Last week Alysen made a Dance Pad Mania, and I made a Rubber Band Car. But this week, since I had no idea how to do the Dance Pad, she decided to make another one to show me how to do it.

First you need the "ingredients":

  • wire
  • wire strippers
  • duct tape
  • light bulb
  • light bulb holder
  • batteries
  • and cardboard
  • the black wire goes on the positive side of the battery
  • the red wire on the negative.
  • put the little light bulb into the light bulb older
  • duct tape the wires onto the battery
Connect the wires to the silver screws on the light bulb holder. The light bulb will barely light up, but it most likely will. Make sure everything is good and taped down, then get a little piece of cardboard. Put the cardboard over a wire connected to the light and press it down so the light goes on.

For more information, go to the Design Squad website

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