Friday, February 25, 2011

Our Kinetic Sculpture Failed, But There's Still Next Week to Try

Today Zeke, Angela, and I made a Kinetic Sculpture from the DESIGN SQUAD television show, which is on PBS each week. We used marshmallows, pipe cleaners, paper cups, wooden skewers, cardboard, putty, duct tape, and green baskets. While our sculptures looked, they did not always work. The point of the challenge is to make your sculpture move with only air. This is harder than it sounds.

We also had a guest speaker named Lindsey. She is friends with our teacher and DESIGN SQUAD, who is made up of Judy and Adam. Judy and Adam are engineers who have designed all of the challenges we have been doing in class. Even though they are on national TV, they still came to talk to The Hillwood Herald. (You can read about our interview with them here.) Lindsey and her parents, who came to visit her from Kansas, helped up with our challenges. We had a lot of fun building our sculpture, even though we didn't accomplish anything with it working. Next week we will have a lot of fun building a motor powered car.


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