Friday, February 11, 2011

Rubber Band Car Somewhat Failed

Today I made a Rubber Band car that was supposed to go really fast.
I couldn't make it go fast at all but it still goes a little bit. It's kind of lop-sided so it goes to one side. When I was making this, I cut my pinkie finger with scissors, I think, I wasn't sure what I cut it with but I got a band aid.

I did a rubber band car because it is one of the Design Squad Challenges. Here's how you can make your own:

Get a piece of cardboard, (5"6") then you get the thinnest wooden scewer, two compact discs (CDs), rubber bands, tape (Duct or masking tape), scissors, and 4 faucet washers. It calls for two faucet washers on the design squad website, but I used four because the discs were too wobbly and the faucet washers helped as a support for the discs. You can also use tape to help as a support.

  1. First, make a 1" 1" square in the middle of the shorter side.
  2. Then, stick the thinnest scewer through the short side where the square is. Picture the square as a trench and the scewer is a bridge to cross it.
  3. Then, put a faucet washer onto each end of the scewer on each side of the "body"
  4. Then put the discs on top of the faucet washers then put the other two faucet washers over the discs. Then put tape to hold them.
  5. Tape the rubber band to the part of the scewer over the trench in the middle.
  6. Make two slits about half an inch apart at the bottom of the piece of cardboard on the short side.
  7. Pull the rubber band down and put the rubber band into the slits.
To make the car move, twist the rubber band around the "bridge" and let it go and the rubber band causes the scewer to turn therefore turning the discs.

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