Friday, February 25, 2011


At first I tried to put a small Dixie cup on top of a stick but it was to heavy so it didn't spin.

Then I tried aluminum foil. I shaped the aluminum foil like a clam shell and stuck a stick through the back so it weaved in and out the "Rockin' Clamshell" was moving side to side so I tied red string in bows next to it to stop it from moving. Then I duct taped two other sticks to the side as a skeleton for the..."Rockin' Clam shell". It moved, but it was very unstable so Hank, Lindsey's dad, had the idea to put plaster in the cup and duct tape on the stick really close to the cup. It was still leaning, so Hank had the idea to make a brace out of a stick and tape it to the cup. His idea worked! I now have an amazing "Rockin' Clam Shell" — with the great and very helpful ideas of Hank!

Now to decorate! First I tied pink pipe cleaners to the base sticks on both sides then I tied gold pipe cleaners to the top. Then I put stickers on he bottom.

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