Friday, February 25, 2011

Lindsey Z. Visits The Herald and Tells Us About the City's Society of Secret Society for Creative Philanthropy

What would you do with 100 dollars? One day Lindsey was having dinner with her friend Joslen, who suprised Lindsey by giving her 100 dollars. Her friend was very mysterious about the money and what Lindsey should do with it. Joslen asked her if she was free on March 6th, but couldn't tell Lindsey what they would do together on that day. Lindsey was skeptical, but she said that she was free.

Little did Lindsey know she would become part of San Francisco's Secret Society for Creative Philanthropy. Lindsey had to find the best way to give away the 100 dollar bill. The way the secret society works is that when someone has been given 100 dollars, the person with the 100 dollars has to give the money to someone else very soon.

Lindsey had a lot of options. At a taqueria Lindsey saw a band of sisters from the ages of 8 to 16 called the Sosa Sisters. When Lindsey learned that they had been part of the foster system and had been separate but eventually adopted by one parent, Lindsey wanted to give them the 100 dollars. But instead, she decided to give them her own money, and that's partly how the secret society works. When you begin to think about all the ways you can give, you want to give more. You also realize that even a little amount can help others.

Some other people in the secret society decided to give money in very creative ways: some have given admissions to museums to people, others have hid one dollar bills inside books and added a note about the society in it, some people bought ads on Google and wrote little "be happy" notes and little things like that.

Below is a video, shot by Faryn, with Lindsey and her parents in it.

This second video is the Sosa Sisters, two sets of twins and another sisters, singing the National Anthem at the Giants stadium. You can read more about their story here.

Photo by Jake of The Hillwood Herald

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