Saturday, January 20, 2007

What's the Secret to Test Taking?

Student: Camryn

When it comes to studying for a test, what's a good tactic, according to this new report? Read this New York Times article and explain what it might mean for students. In your article, be sure to include a link and explanation of the Science study. Who did this study and what constitutes a study in this case? Why might we (or not) trust the information in study?

Also, look for the controversy in the story. Hint:
Howard Gardner, an education professor at Harvard who advocates constructivism — the idea that children should discover their own approach to learning, emphasizing reasoning over memorization — said in an e-mail that the results “throw down the gauntlet to those progressive educators, myself included.”
 As part of your reporting, tell Ms. Woods about the study and The Times article. Ask for her opinion about how students may want to study. In the conclusion to your story, add your viewpoint — and remember to back up, or explain, your reasoning. Considering including a list of good study habits.

If you have time, either create a Wordle highlighting good study habits, or create an image at the website Flower Power.

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