Friday, January 14, 2011

Judy Lee and Her Life of Engineering

Inventors Digest recently interviewed Judy Lee about her life as an engineer. You may recall that The Hillwood Herald also interviewed Judy and her engineering friend, Adam.

In this article, Judy talks about her early life and decision to become an engineer. Judy became interested in engineering because her father was a civil engineer. While she is certainly not the only female engineer, she talks about what it's like to be in a profession that has been dominated by men.

Judy liked to take objects apart and see how it worked, then she attempted to fix the object. She built forts in woods and played in creeks. Judy didn't know what engineering was when she was high school and college. She only knew that you have to have " a stong foundation in math and science"

Judy was good at math and science, so she tried engineering. She loves trying new things and "getting her hands dirty."

Judy and Adam are part of an upcoming PBS Kids show. The Hillwood Herald staff members did many of their engineering experiments, and we'll be sure to report on their upcoming experiments. The following information is from the PBS website:
PBS Kids Go! will launch the new Design Squad Nation (10 episodes) series, a spin-off of the engineering-focused kids competition series Design Squad, Wednesday, January 26, 2011 (check local listings).  Targeted to tweens/teens/families, Design Squad Nation will follow engineer co-hosts Judy Lee and Adam Vollmer as they travel across the country and around the world working with kids to get active, take risks, collaborate with different people and use science, math, and technology to solve real problems and create things.  The Design Squad Nation website features activities corresponding to challenges on the show to figure out solutions.  The site also features a blog with a range of engineering and DIY content from across the web.  Viewers can also follow Design Squad Nation on Facebook and Twitter.  
If you like to read more coverage of Judy and Adam's work, click here.

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