Friday, December 3, 2010

Holidays at the White House

Yesterday at the White House, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama had a gathering about Hanukkah celebration at the White House on the second night of the Jewish festival lights.

The gathering was held in the East Room Thursday, December 2 ,2010. The guest delivered traditional prayers while lighting menorahs, or a candle with seven branches. The Obamas looked on as the lighting took place.

For those that don't know, Hanukkah is an eight-day-long Jewish celebration. Over Hanukkah, people commemorate the Holy Temple in Jerusalem.

The Obama family recently got a Christmas tree for the White House. The tree was brought to the White House by a horse drawn carriage. The Douglas fir is over ten feet tall and thirteen feet wide. It's known as the centerpiece of all decorations.

The following video is from the White House website, and it shows the entire process of decorating the tree through time-lapse photography.

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