Friday, November 19, 2010

Behind the Scene with the Production of A Harry Potter Scene

When you watch Harry Potter movies, you probably only watch the movie and not think about the production behind it. David Yates is the director of many of the Harry Potter films, and he put a great deal of his time into every scene, most of which are only a couple of minutes long. Today, for The Hillwood Herald, I am going to watch -- and annotate -- one of the scenes of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows, where David Yates turns a coffee shop into a tense battlefield.

You can watch this scene, with Mr. Yates narrating it, on The New York Times. Throughout this whole scene, there is a coffee machine running in the background to make the setting sound more suspenseful.

In this part of the scene, Mr. Yates tries to make this part of the scene feel uncomfortable, cold, and harsh. He positioned the cameras to be above the characters' heads to make the room feel awkward and claustrophobic.

As the men approach our heroes with wands, the coffee machine grows louder to indicate a battle arising.

In this part, a.k.a the battle, the director tries to remind the audience how dangerous magic can really be.

And, finally, in this part of the scene, Mr. Yates tries to make it as moving as possible. We are seeing the three wizards that we watched grow up throughout all of the movies do something very invasive. They're obliterating the death eaters' memory. He says that the whole movie is basically about all of them breaking out of innocence.

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