Friday, November 5, 2010

McDonalds Goes Healthy

Will McDonalds go healthy? Yes, if they want to continue serving food to kids in San Francisco. The upper grade class of Hillwood school went to City Hall to watch the McDonalds legislation and help protest against unhealthy food being included in fast-food kid meals. The toys in there Happy Meals can lure children into convincing their parents to buy the Happy Meals.

Instead of vegetables and fruits and salads in Happy Meals, there are unhealthy french fries and chicken nuggets with grease. We would like for McDonalds and other fast-food restaurants to provide healthy options that might really interest kids.

The legislation passed on November 2, 2010. Eight supervisors voted for it as well, so that there will be healthy meals in Happy Meals. Because of the high supervisor vote, the mayor cannot veto the legislation.

Obesity is a significant reason to protest. By the time McDonalds will have healthy meals, it will be December of 2011.

The upper graders of Hillwood hope that McDonalds will go healthy. So children will be more healthier and less obese.

By Angela and Rubina

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