Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Write a Bio About Adam

Use the following information and write a story — a biography — about Adam. Include an image of him from the PBS Kids site. At the end of your article, include five questions that you would like to ask Adam.

Adam is a mechanical engineer in IDEO's Palo Alto office. As a member of the Health, Wellness and Social Impact group in IDEO's design community, Adam brings to bear years of expertise in medical device design and biotechnology, as well as a passion for designing considered products and services that responsibly address pressing human needs. Highlights of his career with IDEO include the design of consumables for a breakthrough genetic sequencing company, design of a suite of groundbreaking spinal surgery instruments for a local medical startup, participating in IDEO's Ripple Effect project to improve access to clean drinking water in the developing world, and a variety of other innovations in personal care and hygiene products. Prior to IDEO, Adam was a principal R&D engineer at the Palo Alto biotech startup Theranos, Inc. Theranos is developing a transformative point-of-care diagnostic device. Adam’s contributions at Theranos included inventions in the areas of whole blood separation and automated sample processing, disposable design, and user-interaction. Adam received his BS in mechanical engineering from Stanford University, and his MS from MIT where he studied microfluidic design of biological sensors for lab-on-a-chip applications. Hailing from Portland, OR, Adam has been fortunate to live, travel, ski, bike, and hike in many beautiful and fantastic places of the world, but he will always have a soft spot for the mountains of the Pacific Northwest.n of a child. As a grad student, one of her designs was accepted for 2006 production by IKEA.

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