Friday, September 10, 2010

Ipad Vs. Ipod Touch!

A couple days ago, I was on Facebook and I had one unread message in my inbox from my friend. He asked me if he should get the iPod touch, the iPhone4, or the iPad because he knew I would be able to answer the question. I answered, iPad, and here's why.

I am 14 years old, and I have a 3rd generation, 32 gygabyte, "jailbroken" iPod touch. (To "jailbreak" a digital device is to open or change the operating system, or the "brains," of the device to allow you to add special or homemade applications or programs.) When you buy the iPod touch, there is a bunch of up's and down's about it.

Here are some of the downs for the iPod touch: the thing I personally hate the fact that the ipod touch does not have flash player so you can't watch movies unless you are using the YouTube app, but the iPad has built in flash. Some smaller disadvantages is the iPod home screen dosen't tilt when you tilt the iPod, but the iPad does! Another is that unless you jailbreak the iPod touch, you can't see the battery percentage in the homescreen, in the upper-right hand corner, but again, the iPad does! One more thing is the iPad playes the movies in HD, or "high definition," but of course the iPod touch does not. ("High definition" means the image is really sharp, colorful, and crisp looking.)

I tested the NASA app on the iPad, and it met and passed my standards between all the trippy pictures of the solar system, the picture of our solar system with links to information on each of the planets, the cool videos of what's happening at NASA, the history of NASA with old photographs, and a link to NASA's website.

So a long time ago, when I first had my iPod touch and the iPad came out, I thought the iPad was just a totally ridiculous invention. But now that I have used the iPad and played around with it, I realize that I am leaning towards the iPad, which I never thought would happen.

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