Friday, September 24, 2010

Exercise make children smarter.

Researchers did an experiment on children ages nine through ten. This experiment proved that exercise helps children study.

Children were asked to run on a treadmill. ( an exercise machine that allows the user to walk or run in place, usually on a continuous moving belt.) After, the children's brains were scanned, and the children took a test on memory. When the children took the memory test the first time before they exercised, they did not do as good as they did on the second memory test.

The children were given a M.R.I. test also. The children were put into groups depending on their physical build. Muscular, kind of muscular, and really muscular. The ones that were just muscular and the ones that were really muscular did better on the M.R.I. than the ones that were kind of muscular.

You can learn more about this research in the following video. Angela interviews me about the study.

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